We start the day doing yoga on the lawn in front of the house, followed by a guided meditation, with Erica. She has little experience with either, but applies herself admirably. And she’s quite supple for someone who hasn’t done yoga before.

After breakfast, we take Molly for an exploratory walk through the village of Tostat, buying bread at the local boulangerie. We have an early lunch in the garden and then drive to Tarbes-station, where we leave Erica. She’s going back to Spain, where she is currently living and working.

Jardin Massey

Now that we are in Tarbes, we seize the opportunity to explore the city. And a lovely city it is! Very nice architecture and loads of beautiful buildings. We visit Jardin Massey, a very well designed garden near the city center. It was originally started in the 19th century by Placide Massey (1777-1853), horticulturist of the French King Louis Philippe I and previous chief of the Palace of Versailles’ gardens.

The garden contains an orangerie that is a bit of a disappointment. The building is gorgeous, but the plants inside look like they lack care. There are cacti and succulents, but none of them look very happy. They look rather old and tired, and they lack luster.

However, the flower beds in the garden (which is actually more like a park) are very beautiful. And well cared for too. They are in full bloom and very colourful. You can see that they have been designed by a skilful garden designer, and are maintained with love.

7 weeks won’t be enough!

We leave the garden and wander back to the city center, all the time admiring houses and other buildings. The architecture pleases us a lot, and we try to take in as much as possible. We end up at the tourist office, where we quickly find out that 7 weeks is not going to be long enough to see and do everything we would like to see and do. So one thing is for sure: we won’t be bored during this house sit.

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