This morning, we were able to work from Natalie’s apartment for the first time since we arrived here. Both Natalie and Christophe have been on the phone with Natalie’s internet provider for literally hours, because the connection was so thin, it was impossible to work.

Our work space is wherever the wifi signal is strongest

So we have been working from Terraza Taoro, which is more or less down the street. After breakfast, we would take our laptops, walk to Terraza Taoro, install ourselves on their terrace, login to their wifi and get to work. In exchange for that, we would have to order at least one drink, but that’s quite affordable here, and the terrace has a great view over Puerto and the Atlantic, so no real harm done.

At work In Taoro Parc

At work In Taoro Parc

Yesterday morning, a technician from the company that is in charge of the telephone lines came and connected the apartment to the fiber optic line, and in the afternoon, a technician from the internet provider installed a new modem. This morning, we tested the connection, and it is super fast and seems stable. So these last few days of our stay here, we can work from our current home. Jippie!!! 🙂

An aquatic garden with a lack of water

After lunch, we visited the aquatic garden Risco Bello, which is a café situated in a beautiful garden. From there, you can enter the aquatic garden. The garden is situated on a slope and has been in existence for decades. It was created by a Belgian man and taken over by his two daughters. The eldest died last week, aged 88, the youngest (aged 76) remains and told us she is looking for someone to take over the garden and maintain it the way it is.

I was expecting to walk into splendour, but instead walked into faded glory. Apparently, they have had difficulty maintaining the property for a long, long time, and it shows. The woman who admitted us to the garden had explained that there is currently very little water in the basins, because there is a leak somewhere that they are trying to identify and repair.

It is obvious that it was once a splendid garden, but also that it has been in disrepair for many years now. Probably too long to be able to restore it to it’s former splendour. Which is a real pity. Here are some pictures anyway, because there was still a lot of beauty to be found. And after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Marvelous white peacock in action: Paon blanc

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