Get two months of FREE Nutritional Counseling

Hi there, it’s Karen here. I have been a certified Ayurvedic Nutritional Therapist since 2010. So far, I’ve always worked IRL (In Real Life) with people. Which I had to stop when we decided to become digital nomads.


Since I absolutely love helping people get control over their health through nutrition, I would like to see if I can use modern techniques (video call and email) to continue as a therapist.

As a trial, I am looking for 5 volunteers. I am not just looking for people who want a freebie. I want people who are willing to commit as if they were paying for my help.

What I offer:

  • Intake video call: takes anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours.
  • Follow up video calls: 30 minutes every week for the duration of 2 months.
  • Written summary of each consultation by email.
  • All the above for free.

The commitment I am looking for:

  • provide me with a detailed diary of everything you eat and drink for seven consecutive days prior to the first intake. Describe what you eat, how much, what time and how it makes you feel, both physically and mentally;
  • never cancel a consultation;
  • give me honest feedback so I can learn and improve.
  • Are you struggling with your health (overweight, acid reflux, hypertension, psoriasis, arthritis, etc.)?
  • Would you like to get professional help sorting out your nutrition?
  • Are you willing to commit time and effort?

Please contact me through the form below. All information is treated confidential.