May 8


How to Optimise Your Lifestyle to Prevent Disease?

By Chris

May 8, 2020

There are many factors in your environment that have a big influence on your immune system. Which we are seeing and living clearly with the current pandemic... There are many things you can do to improve your immune system and prevent disease.

People with low levels of immunisation belong to the groups at risk (for example diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, etc.). If you belong to such a group, you might be wondering what you can actively do to improve your immune system. And there might be things you can do you hadn’t even thought about.

What are the factors that influence your immune system?

  • Your basic constitution at birth
  • Your food
  • The people you surround yourself with
  • Your place of residence (village, city, etc.)
  • Air quality
  • Electric/electromagnetic waves
  • And many others...

Internal and external influences

Stress and negative thoughts or emotions can weaken or even disrupt your immune system. Studies show that this is not the only cause for the development of diseases, which is correct. Nevertheless, thoughts and emotions do play a major role in maintaining balanced health in harmony with your environment.

The way of life proposed by the society you live in defines your physical and moral health, not just what you eat or if you play sports. But all social groups such as family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues will directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, influence your daily life, the way you think about, and the way you react to what happens to and around you.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention is better than cure

Many diseases, even some forms of cancer, can be prevented through lifestyle. By changing little things here and there, you increase your chances of (re)gaining good health. To do this you have to be prepared to break some habits or simply change them. It's easier than you think, because you can start with tiny little steps. 

But beware, human beings often tend towards the extreme. Many people accept preconceived ideas without asking for proof, because they are anchored in our societies by families and morals, or dictated by authorities that we believe to be respectable. Others are eternal sceptics who always question everything.

I think that here we have to find the right balance and learn to reason with a clear conscience and common sense. Because we have many different sources of information and points of view, and we must strive to make the right choices.

Boost Immune Left

What can I do to boost my immune system?

Boost Immune Right

We all want to improve our way of life, but how? There is room for improvement in all areas. Your food choices for example, and the daily routine for eating meals:

  • Variable or fixed schedules?  Try to establish more or less fixed eating hours.
  • How fast do you eat?  By slowing down, you avoid unwanted calories that you eat when you're already full.
  • Do you eat between meals?  Your digestive system should rest sometimes.
  • Do you watch TV, play with your mobile phone or read while you eat?  Enjoy what you are eating, it's going to be you: you are what you eat.

But there is so much more, for example…

  • Do you get enough exercise (walking, sports activities)?
  • What time do you go to bed?
  • How much sleep do you get?
  • Do you manage to stay calm even when emotions threaten to  overwhelm you?
  • Do you give yourself enough time to be alone and in silence to recuperate and get rid of outside influences?

You often cannot change what happens to you, but you can change how you respond to it.

Become aware and observe what you do or say, what you think and what's going on around you and inside you. But above all, don’t judge, nothing and nobody is perfect.

Allow yourself to digest the above information and ask yourself what you can change in your behaviour or the way of looking at things:

  • What's ultimately good for me, without harming others?
  • What can I do to improve my environment?
  • How do the media influence my thinking?
  • If I’m surrounded by negative people, what do I do?

For more information, inspiration and examples, we have created the Beginner's Guide to Healthier and Happier Livingto help you get started. 

Beginners Guide Healthier Happier Living-Ebook Cover

Download our free Beginner's Guide

Change your habits and you will change your life! 


About the author

Chris has been a mainframe programmer for almost 30 years. His interest in health, the body and meditation made him enrol in 2014 in a 2-year yoga teacher training course. His love for yoga began over 20 years ago. He has been starting his days with a series of yoga exercises, breathing and meditation ever since and his passion is to help others on a healthy journey.
Since meeting his partner Karen, he has learnt to create websites and reach more audience.
Life offers so many possibilities to study new areas, both geographically as well as intellectually, that he’s interested in just about everything. In 2018 he became a digital nomad to discover the world.

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